This specification describes 4- through 36-inch (100 to 900 mm) ADS DURASLOT pipe for use in surface drain applications.

Pipe Requirements

DURASLOT pipe, as manufactured and distributed by ADS, Inc., shall have a smooth interior and annular exterior corrugations with an aluminum slot grate frame mounted longitudinally along the length of the pipe to accept the grate while maintaining the original pipe diameter..

  • 4- through 10-inch (100 to 250mm) pipe shall meet AASHTO M252, Type S.
  • 12- through 36-inch (300 to 900 mm) pipe shall meet AASHTO M294, Type S or ASTM F2306.
  • Manning’s “n” value for use in design shall be 0.012.

The aluminum slot grate frame shall be manufactured from 0.063” tempered commercial aluminum meeting the requirements of ASTM B209, consisting of two parallel plates separated by spacers spanning the slot on 6” centers. The grate shall be ½ - #13 galvanized steel. The grate shall have a diamond-shaped opening and be ADA compliant. The flange at the bottom of the aluminum slot grate frame shall be riveted to the pipe with a minimum of two rivets per linear foot.


DURASLOT fittings shall be modified from fittings which conform to AASHTO M252, AASHTO M294, or ASTM F2306.


Installation shall be in accordance with ADS recommended installation instructions. Contact your local ADS representative or visit for a copy of the latest installation guidelines.


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